Why we didn’t tell you for so long…

Jordan – “Okay…”
Sarah – “You know, that’s my thing.”
Jordan – “Sarah told me to just turn on the camera because I was…planning this too much.”
What’s up, guys? It’s Jordan.
Was that my cue? (Laughs) Hi, it’s Sarah. Redo!
What’s up, guys? It’s Jordan.
And Sarah.
And, uh, today we’re gonna talk to you guys about the clickbait title. “Something we haven’t…”
(voiceover) It was at this moment he realized
he had absolutely no idea what he had titled the video. Think, Jordan. Think. Are you really about to pull out your phone right now? really…?
“Why we didn’t tell you–” “Why we didn’t tell you DO so long.” (blows on phone) That was a typo… See, to me, I don’t think that that is clickbait. I really don’t. I think that’s just a clever title to make you click. I’m being honest with my title.

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