Sara tries on her handmade wedding dress 4 years later

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I’m so amazed that Sara can do the things that she does, like making a handmade wedding dress from simply seeing an idea on the internet. So much has changed in the 4 years since we’ve gotten married, but one thing that hasn’t changed is how much I love you, Sara. You in your wedding dress looks just as amazing today as it did 4 years ago when you walked down the aisle and everything vanished but you. I love you so much 🙂

0:00 – Sara made her dress without anyone knowing
1:23 – How Sara came up with the design of her dress
2:45 – Why the dress wasn’t white
3:54 – Unpacking the dress after 4 years
4:15 – Jordan’s learning how to sew with Skillshare
5:51 – How Sara made her dress out of 3 separate dresses
6:51 – Trying on her dress!
9:20 – Reminiscing on how much life has changed

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